Spring is on it's way and although we are only in March it feels more like April with April showers happening today.
We had a busy half term with visitors and now we are Spring Cleaning ready for our busier time ahead.
Forget 'Brexit' and have something to look forward to - book a short break during March or a weekend getaway and come stay in the peace and quiet of beautiful rural South Shropshire.
We have walks from the doorstep, quiet country lanes, wild landscapes and warm inviting accommodation.
A Jacuzzi Hot Tub and a roaring open fire/log burner in Meal House.
Curl up, open a bottle of wine and relax.
Sound good? Then get in touch soon.

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Lambing time in beautiful Spring sunshine! It's been a blast up til now with great conditions to turn our new arrivals out on to fresh grass. The Curlews that nested last year and successfully raised 4 chicks are back. We're watching them to see if they choose the same spot, in the same field and will do what we did last year, put electric fencing around the area to stop Badgers and Foxes eating the eggs. We'll keep our fingers crossed and update you on their progress. We have our first equine visitors this week who have had to dodge the council laying super smart tarmac everywhere. We're going to be very posh in the Corvedale you know! Brexit is driving everyone nuts so we suggest you pack your bags and hide out here in our little corner of rural South Shropshire. Light the fire in Meal House and turn off those phones to totally relax - at least for a day or two. Give us a ring or email and come see Spring erupting in little Tugford.

1st April 2019