Post Covid

We are so looking forward to welcoming everyone back. From the 12th April we can open the doors to our Self Catering properties for 1 household per property and two households per property along with B&B from 17th May.
The 21st June is a free for all and all things being equal we will see the end to all government regulations.
The diary is filling up and guests obviously like our flexible cancellation policy so do get in touch to reserve your preferred dates as soon as possible.
We are delighted to announce that our Curlews have returned already this year - 3 spotted so far so Spring is definitely here!
Last year we raised a family successfully by fencing off a large area around the nest to stop ground predators like foxes and badgers eating the eggs. We hope to do the same this year but don't expect to be able to visit the site as we keep it very secret for the Curlews sake.
You will know they are about though when you hear their distinctive bubbling call when in flight.

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27th September 2021