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Spring Sunshine

9th April 2014

Easter is looming and we have lots of new and returning guests booked in. Widget is having a wonderful time at the moment being entertained by three little girls who don't seem to tire of throwing a tennis ball any more than Widget tires from fetching it. I rode baby horse, Coral, this morning in beautiful sunshine along the Jack Mytton Way and the Wenlock Edge. Just wonderful. I came across a walker who was just sat in the sunshine, leaning back on a big oak tree taking in his surroundings. There just heaven, days like these! Wyndham is ploughing the now dryer ground ready to plant beans and most of the ewes have now lambed. Only the hogs (young ewes) to go now. I spotted Cow Slips and one young Bluebell in the hedge row this morning. Spring is well and truly here.
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Spring Lambs

17th March 2014

Spring has well and truly sprung with lambing in full swing. 350 Ewes either with or expecting their babies and wonderful dry, sunny weather to turn them out into. The grass is growing and the hedges are full of primroses, celandines and even the odd campion. Widget had a brief leading role as a Dolly Parton extra! Read on in the blog to find out how -
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Soggy Shropshire

14th February 2014

Well it might be raining non stop but we're still here and guests are ignoring all that weather whilst warming themselves by the log burner in Meal House. We've even had guests sitting in the hot tub with wooly hats on! 'Yes - you know who you are'! How have we managed on the farm? Well read on in the blog to find out.
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Busy Busy Busy

15th January 2014

Wow! We have been so busy taking bookings. Having decided to free ourselves from the restrictions of English Country Cottages contract we are able to offer our customers much better rates and flexibility. Bookings are up and I think the Jacuzzi Hot Tub will be in demand. Read on to find out what's happening on the farm.
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Happy New Year

1st January 2014

Happy New Year to all our guests old and new. 2013 was a great year and our bookings go from strength to strength. 2014 looks to be better still as we've decided to adopt a new pricing strategy. By opting out of bookings via large companies who take big commissions we can cut out the middle man and pass the savings onto our customers. So check out the prices for the coming year and see for yourself the difference!
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What a great weekend we had with a fantastic family full of fun, adults and children alike. The weather was pretty good and enabled the children to play with Widget and our new puppy 'Tipsy' in the garden. It was great as the puppy just played or slept! As I type she's trying to help! The children also had lots of fun in the Jacuzzi Hot Tub occasionally letting their parents in. Have a look at some of the smiling faces with Widget and Tipsy on the main blog page. Farming news: We have fields full of ewes and 'getting larger everyday' lambs. The rain which was so desperately needed arrived and has given everything a boost so the grass is now growing well. Talking to neighbouring farmers when we were herding their two cows, which had escaped onto our top field, the general feeling was that the spring crops will definitely have been affected by the lack of rain at the crucial time of planting but that's farming for you so the ever changing challenges keep coming. Read on in the main blog to here more -

15th May 2017

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