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Easter Fun

13th April 2016

Easter proved lots of fun particularly the last weekend when we had a fabulous family group staying with their lively children and perfectly behaved ponies. Have a look in the main blog to see their pictures of ponies and Jacuzzi Hot Tub fun!
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Easter Hols

9th April 2016

Well the last weekend of the Easter Holidays and we are full of equine visitors and their owners. We have a family group with children and their ponies plus 4 ladies and their lovely cobs. Have a look at the picture of the horses first turnout on our spring grass in the main blog
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Spring Time

2nd April 2016

The clocks have changed and the days are longer. Spring is here, announced by the Curlews who have returned to Tugford Farm. These birds are in decline across the country and only nest on fields where they are not likely to be disturbed. It's a sure sign that we have balanced our farming with nature that these wonderful birds continue to return year after year. What else is new at Tugford Farm? Read on in the main blog -
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24th February 2016

It's stopped raining and the snowdrops are out along with some primroses and celandines. Spring is on its way and although we have some lambs the main bunch are due to arrive on the 20th March onwards. Read on in the main blog
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Festive Season

23rd November 2015

Sunny, Frosty, Seasonal Weather has descended upon Tugford and it feels wonderful to be without the rain and wet but to see the sunshine on the frosty ground and the snow on the top of The Brown Clee Hill. We have a wonderful family staying in Meal House at the moment and the children enjoyed seeing our local hunt meet here on Saturday morning for a glass of port and a bite to eat before following laid trails in the area with the wonderful fox hounds in full cry. Our livery yard is now full of horses and guests enjoy seeing them going in and out on exercise or being tucked up at night in their cosy stables. Our guests too are enjoying the log burner in Meal House and they too are tucked up cosy and warm beside it. Read on in the main blog to hear more -
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Summer time and the living is easy! Well if you're on holiday here it is at the moment. What amazing weather. We need a 'Cold Tub' not a 'Hot Tub' We have Swifts, Swallows and House Martins swooping over our heads early morning and evening. It's magical to watch as they scream into the tight places above the stables and cottages. We are busy making Hay (while the sun shines) and so everywhere smells of summer. We have some late availability so if you fancy a last minute break we always up for a barter. Give us a call!

26th June 2018

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