Puppy Fun

What a great weekend we had with a fantastic family full of fun, adults and children alike. The weather was pretty good and enabled the children to play with Widget and our new puppy 'Tipsy' in the garden. It was great as the puppy just played or slept! As I type she's trying to help!
The children also had lots of fun in the Jacuzzi Hot Tub occasionally letting their parents in.
Have a look at some of the smiling faces with Widget and Tipsy on the main blog page.
Farming news: We have fields full of ewes and 'getting larger everyday' lambs. The rain which was so desperately needed arrived and has given everything a boost so the grass is now growing well. 
Talking to neighbouring farmers when we were herding their two cows, which had escaped onto our top field, the general feeling was that the spring crops will definitely have been affected by the lack of rain at the crucial time of planting but that's farming for you so the ever changing challenges keep coming.
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Wyndham  has played his first game of cricket this season after his hip replacement last November. He could hardly move afterwards but it did him so much good really and he's booked to wicket keep again next Saturday so he couldn't have played too badly.

Coral, my ginger horse (aka Baked Bean) is back in decent work and starting to loose her holiday tummy. We spent a lovely evening on Saturday riding up towards the Brown Clee Hill and back through the Jack Myton Way bridleway. We met some very excited cows with a bull in a field we had to cross through but although the cows had lots to say for themselves luckly the bull was very uninpressed by us and didn't move at all. Quietly and steady is the way to pass through cattle, especially at this time of year when they've probably only just been turned out from their winter sheds onto grass.

So that's it for now and look out for the next blog to here what's happening here in the depths of the South Shropshire countryside.


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Harvesting is over! The combine was brought home last night after a very testing end to the summer. The planting of next years crops now begins in haste before the ground gets too wet to work. The horses winter beds are down in the stables waiting for them to come in at night as soon as it drops too cold or wet and the logs are being loaded into the log shed ready for the log burner in Meal House and the farm house to keep us all warm. The Jacuzzi comes into its own during the winter months. It's the time I like to use it most. Everyone has suddenly started cooking roast dinners and puddings and the salad bowl is to be found at the back of the cupboard. We still have guests booked in with their horses enjoying the Autumnal colours and changing vista of the Brown Clee Hill and as long as you have your wellies or walking boots there's a host of fabulous walking out there. As we head towards Christmas our rates become such great value so why not grab a weekend away and curl up by that log burner in Meal House or jump in the Jacuzzi and watch the steam rise!

11th October 2017

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