Lambing Live has begun at Tugford Farm. 
The sun is shining and the lambs are being born so the work begins in earnest now.
We have 330 ewes, mainly Welsh Mules who are really pretty crossed with Suffolk and Texel tups.
We've got all the Ewes in the buildings on straw beds with haylage and daily feeds. Lots of little pens built for the mums with their new lambs to go into so they can have extra care before being turned out onto fresh grass fields.
The weather plays a hugely important role as wet weather is the main killer of baby lambs so lets hope it continues to be as nice as the last few days have been.
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The horses are now out full time and are loving it. Today the forecast is for warmer weather so they can have their rugs off and enjoy the sunshine on their backs until tea time when I'll put them back on for the night.

Every farmer in the area is busy at the moment spreading fertilizer on the spring grass and crops. It's vital to get this on now so the crops can grow and flourish. It's also drier at long last for the tractors to cover the ground without making a mess.

Whilst out riding Oscar the other day I spotted Wild Garlic, White Violets and of course lots of Primroses and Celandines open wide reaching up to the sunshine. It is the best of times out there at the moment with everything bursting at the seams to get on with Spring time. Bring it on!

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Lambing is over, well almost, we have just 15 Ewes waiting to lamb. All the rest are out in the fields with their babies enjoying the Spring grass. Everything is greening up beautifully and Wyn finished planting the Spring Oats today. Easter has come and gone and we were really busy with lovely guests, some we have known for a long time, some with four legs and some new faces. We've had Stag Parties and Birthday parties for young and old'ish. As we head towards the end of April we know that May and June will bring everyone out to enjoy, what I consider, the best time of the year in the Countryside. Long days and evenings with plenty of time to enjoy everything we have around us. Walks and rides, if you have either a horse or bike, on the wonderful Brown Clee Hill. BBQ's by the Jacuzzi Hot Tub, Ludlow and it's Medieval Castle, Teme River walks and pubs and of course the open air market for those special purchases of local food etc. Talking for food don't forget we have three very special pubs on our doorstep. The closest and walkable is The Tally Ho serving good pub food. The Swan Inn at Aston Munslow, only 5 minutes in the car, serving a wide selection of pub meals. Both of the above also serve the Ludlow Brewery 'Ludlow Gold Ale' and lastly for a special evening of AA rosette food, the Crown Country Inn at Munslow again only 5 minutes by car. So how about some 'me and us time'? Check out our availability and come and enjoy some time out.

24th April 2018

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